Mobile technology in our life

Mobile technology has advanced so much in the last decade that the early days of mobile technology now seem akin to the Stone Age. For instance, early mobile phones were the size of a brick. While, with no battery power, there was the added inconvenience of having to be close to a power outlet if you wanted your mobile device to function.


The changes to mobile technology in the last ten years have made this type of technology much more enjoyable to use. Devices are also not only smaller and more powerful, but their versatility has increased to such a degree that they can be used for more than chatting with friends or entertainment. 

One cause for concern about the internet used to be that poorer parts of the world were missing out on its benefits. With mobile technology now becoming so widespread all over the world this has become less of an issue. 


One example of how beneficial mobile technology can be concerns healthcare. An iPad can now help people in remote areas of the third world communicate with healthcare providers, when, previously, for many this wouldn't have been practical. Mobile technology is also having a positive impact in areas where there are problems with counterfeit medication, as concerned individuals can now check if a specific medication is genuine or not. 


The way we work has been made easier by mobile technology too - and business also benefits by how quickly various tasks can now be completed. An example is how important files can be sent anywhere in the world instantaneously. While collaborating with a co-worker not in the same office can be achieved in real time via mobile technology. 


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Communication to anyone from anywhere has now become almost something we take for granted, whether through mobile phone, tablet or notebook. It's also important to recognise that, however impressive the look and feel of the next iPhone will be, the real wonder is how much these little devices can do, and how much they enhance our lives. Whether it's at home, at work, or just looking for peace of mind regarding a health issue, mobile technology has made life easier for all of us.